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Disc Bulge Management Through Ayurvedic Remedies and Treatment

There is a significant surge in the number of patients opting for ayurvedic treatment for disc bulge since the beginning of the new millennium. Various reasons such as the changes in lifestyle and working culture have been causative for this particular ailment. Hence it becomes crucial to analyse the patient’s health condition and study the body structure for figuring out the cause and derive the best ayurvedic treatment for a disc bulge.




There is a gel-filled disc Between each vertebra which acts like a shock absorber and helps in spinal movement. It is usually examined that a  damaged disc can bulge, pushing back into the spinal canal. In most of the cases, the disc bulges towards one side of the canal, either right or left, due to which patients with a bulged disc are prone to experiment pain and tingling on just one side of the body.


“A bulged disc can potentially press against or compress the nerve where it exits from the spine. This bulged disc can cause back pain, spasms, cramping, numbness, pins, needles, or pain in your legs.”



The following are the symptoms of disc Bulge:

  • Numbness due to affected nerves

  • Weakness which leads to difficulty in holding things and stumbling

  • If the disc bulging is in your lower back, then you may experience pain in your thigh, calf, buttocks, and even in your feet.

  • Disc bulging in the neck can cause pain in the arms and shoulders.




Our Spinal discs go through wear and tear. With time and age, they start to degenerate and weaken. The degenerative disc is one of the common causes of bulged discs and often results in spinal osteoarthritis. Some of the other factors that are responsible for disc bulge include:


  • strain or injury

  • Overweight 

  • Bad posture

  • Inactivity

  • Smoking habits, etc.



According to Ayurveda, there are three energies or doshas which play a vital role in regulating body functions, they are:

  • Kapha 

  • Vata 

  • Pita


Any imbalance in these three energies or dosha may result in major health-related issues. Disc bulging is also the result of vitiated Vata dosha leading to the pain in arms, legs and other parts of the body.




The ayurvedic treatment of bulged disc includes the process of detoxification and rejuvenation through Panchakarma therapy, and the administration of herbal medicines. Several ayurvedic therapies such as Abhyanga swedam, Nasyam, Patra Potala swedam, Choorna Pinda swedam, Pizhichil, Shirodhara, Kadeevasthy, Greevavasthy, Navarakizhi, Vasti etc. are carried out as per the severity of the patients’ condition. 


These ayurvedic treatments for disc bulging are done for relieving the inflammatory changes and releasing the spasms and nerve compressions in the affected area. They also help in the following: 

  • strengthening the supportive tissues holding the spine.

  • Nourishing the joints by improving blood circulation. 


The whole procedure takes not more than three weeks and also depending on the severity of the disease.


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Dr Kranthi Vardhan and his team are known for offering ayurvedic treatment for disc bulge and slipped disc. 


Following are some of the major ayurvedic therapies that are carried out at Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital for disc bulge:



It is a massage therapy done with medicated herbal oil and other herbal concoctions. These are proven effective in the ayurvedic treatment of the disc bulge. Abhyanga paves the way for complete curing of all health complications including disc bulging.



The process, Swedana, is fundamental in relaxing the body and reenergizing it. This ayurvedic treatment is primarily a body heating treatment that strengthens the cells and makes the person experiencing disc bulge feel better.



Shodhana helps in eliminating the toxins from the body of the patient. It detoxifies the body and deeply cleanses the body. It makes the patient feel better and rejuvenated.


All the above-mentioned therapies for disc bulge have benefited many patients. If you are one of those who are experiencing pain due to a disc bulge, you can consult our qualified Ayurveda doctors.

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Every person is different and so are his or her medical conditions. Hence the treatment and therapy are administered to the person only after conducting a thorough examination of the patient. The course of medication and diet control varies from person to person.


The periodically specified ayurvedic treatment for disc bulge will remove the ailment completely and rejuvenate the person completely, to carry out the day-to-day activities as usual. Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital is the leading Ayurveda centre in Hyderabad for various medical problems, by its result-oriented and effective treatment processes. You can reach out to Vardhan Ayurveda, to discover more about the ayurvedic treatment and therapies for disc bulge, slip disc and other health-related issues.


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