About Us

I see Ayurveda as a way of living life, an aware life and with this one line in my mind, I completed my Bachelors in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, MD in Ayurveda and Phd. 

Then, I just began my career in Ayurveda in 1999.

Ayurveda has existed for as long as humans have. From the times of Rishis, Munis and mahamunis, ayurveda was prominently practiced in India. This is the reason it is sometimes also referred to as the Mother of all Sciences. It is the oldest form of medical practice.

This is exactly what fascinated me as a child. When I used to see my grandfather heal so many people with just some herbs and plants from our garden, I think this was my first ever encounter with ayurveda. Though this was not really the reason behind me joining ayurveda. 

I would still like to describe it as-” Destiny had played its cards.” Cut to a few years later, despite securing a good rank I had missed my Medical Seat and with all my interest in Ayurveda, I jumped into the miraculous world of Ayurvedic Medicine once more and this time in a more broader sense.

In 1999, my wife and I had just stepped into the world of Ayurveda. Back then, Ayurveda was not as preferred as it is right now and that makes me feel lucky to be a part of Ayurveda in this century.

Once the Ayurvedic clinic near me  was set up, many challenges followed. Being one of the leading ayurvedic practitioners and also curing most of the spinal injuries without surgeries had raised a lot of eyes on us.

While we specialise in Spinal cases, we also offer excellent services in all types of chronic ailments, infertility in males and females, skin problems, gastro and liver care, ulcers. 

We have 4 modes of treatment- External Therapy which is our trademark, Internal Medicine, Dietary restrictions and Lifestyle corrections.

We live by some simple mottos and our works are just a reflection of the same. Our mottos include propagating authentic and reliable knowledge of ayurveda and to treat the diseases and disorders using the basic principles of ayurveda and Panchakarma Therapy. We only wish to work towards improvement of the life quality of those suffering from chronic ailments.

One of our most important motto is to work towards those ailments that haven’t found any cure in other medical fields and can be found only through ayurvedic research. While being in the ayurvedic field, we consider it our duty to educate the common people and impart among them knowledge about the mother of all sciences that is ayurveda.

By following the same, we have been successful in developing medicines for chronic and debilitating diseases and disorders. We have professionally run these methodologies with a defined quality and service code for over two decades now.   

With a perfect combination and balance in Medical, lifestyle, Nutrition and Herbal therapies  our treatments carry a holistic approach where the patient is closely monitored and a very specific individualized program is built according to their needs.  

We had only begun with one Ayurveda Hospital in Hyderabad After many years of hustling, people came to know us as the ‘Doctors who help you avoid surgeries, the best Ayurvedic Doctor in Hyderabad. Now, 22 years later, We are a team of 8-10 doctors working in over 7 clinics all over Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. We have treated over 5 lakh back pain cases and avoided over 2 lakh spinal surgeries.

Despite facing a lot of issues, competition and setbacks, what started as a journey of 2 is now a team of over 100 people. 

With my motto “To take ayurveda to every home and give people longer life”, I will  relentlessly work in this field.