Depression Treatment in Ayurveda

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Depression has become one of the largest causes of death around the world, it starts with slow feelings and turns into something deadly until you realize it. Finding the right cure for depression is very necessary, but what exactly is depression, and why does it need to be cured at the earliest.

Depression is a state of mental health that majorly influences an individual’s feelings. It makes one upset for various reasons that can be known as well as the unknown. The general symptoms that depression exhibits are mental but in the worst-case scenario it can start affecting the overall health of the person.

Fortunately enough that various cures of depression are possible, almost every type of medical field provides a cure for depression but in current trends, Ayurvedic treatment to cure depression has been gaining a lot of attention among people for various reasons.

According to Ayurvedic studies when there is a level of shift in the three doshas of the human body – Vata, Pitta, Kapha along with lack of basic awareness in one’s inner self can ultimately lead to an emotional imbalance in the person.

There are three types of depression as stated in Ayurvedic medicinal science –

  1. Vata based depression
  2. Pitta based depression
  3. Kapha based depression

Managing depression is not easy for the person, the person would look weak and lose his ability to do a lot of work, in Ayurveda various herbal medicines are used, and specific therapies like the panchakarma treatment like Abhyangam, Shirodhara, Thalam, and Nasyam are used.

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These Ayurvedic processes help reduce the level of stress and anxiety and put the mind in a relaxed state and since Ayurveda helps in curing the issue to the root cause, these treatments would be helpful for a longer time unlike short-term relief from other types of the medical field.

Such panchakarma treatments also help in enhancing various cognitive abilities of the person that would improve the concentration level, maintain a healthy and long-lasting memory and provide good sleep, it reduces problems like insomnia to a large extent.

Ayurveda also provides you with certain types of complex yet herbal medicines that would help in fighting depression, these medicines are capable of balancing the three doshas of the body and reducing the level of anxiety. Some of the most common types of Ayurvedic medicines that would help in reducing depression are –

  1. Ashwagandha – scientific name for Indian ginseng, this herb helps in reducing stress and helps to control frequent mood swings.
  2. Brahmi – it calms down your mind with a cooling effect and also is effective in treating stress.
  3. Guduchi – it is also known scientifically as Giloy, various researchers have found out that Guduchi has been helpful in treating depression.
  4. Bhringaraj – This type of herb rejuvenates and is helpful to a large extent in controlling anxiety and short-term stress.

Ayurvedic treatments in treating depression use natural and organic ingredients and supplies, the main focus on which Ayurvedic treatments work is to create an ideal balance between the three central doshas of the body – Vat, Pitta, and Kapha.

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Since Ayurvedic treatments are not cure-based but cause-based it would present to you a complete understanding of the cause of your depression, its severe nature. It ultimately helps in enhancing the psychological health of the person.

Regular sessions of panchakarma treatments and the use of herbal Ayurvedic medicines would not only restore the balance in the body but also helps in the overall progression in the levels of the inner consciousness of the person which would benefit them for the long term and they would successfully be able to eradicate mental health issues and severe depression.

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