Top 4 Ayurvedic Treatments to Cure the Lower Back Pain

Top 4 Ayurvedic Treatments to Cure the Lower Back Pain

Top 4 Ayurvedic Treatments to Cure the Lower Back Pain

The 21st century is the era of the internet and prolonged sitting at one corner of your office or home. 

The current generation is a little ignorant of the most important factor, that is; our health. Our existence is possible only due to our spine, which forms the backbone of a healthy life.

Then what is the fundamental reason for a distorted back leading to intolerable pain? The answer is, “sedentary way of living and lack of yoga and exercise”. It is one of the major causes of lingering pain in the lower back

Nowadays, Lower back pain has become a complaint among both youngsters and the ageing population. In fact, the number of lower back pain is exponentially increasing due to an erred lifestyle. More and more people are suffering from this major spine-related issue.

According to reports, the prevalence of low back pain (LBP) in 2017 was estimated to be about 7.5% of the global population or around 577.0 million people. 

Lower Back Pain is the leading cause of years lived with disability (YLDs) since 1990. It also remained a significant global public health concern for a long time.

As many are struggling with back pain and trying various ways to deal with it, Ayurveda has emerged as the most effective way. Ayurvedic treatments and remedies have helped people prevent and cure lower back pain. 

Despite Ayurveda being an ancient approach to dealing with several health-related issues, its adaptation by the public is steadily increasing.

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There are many Ayurvedic Hospitals in India, which are dedicated to providing the best treatments for back pain. 

Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital is among the few hospitals, which has specialised in treating back pain using the science of Ayurveda.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the most effective Ayurvedic treatments for managing lower back pain.

Let’s get started!


Kati Basti is an Ayurvedic treatment that involves the use of hot herbal oil, which is specially prepared to deal with back pain. For retaining the essence of the herbal oil, whole wheat flour or black gram powder is added to it.

It is a traditional ayurvedic treatment used to cure the lower backache and disorders of the lumbosacral region, including slipped disc, lumbar spondylosis, sciatica, spinal problems etc. 

In Ayurveda, Kati Vasti is a part of external oleation (Snehana) therapy. This treatment is a very safe, non-invasive and green-category procedure.


Abhyangam is an ayurvedic treatment which encompasses whole body massage. The massage is done using therapeutic ayurvedic oils which are beneficial for the mind, body and immune system.

This massage treatment helps in removing toxins, also known as ama, from the body. In this treatment, warm herbal oil is applied to the entire body parts along with massage strokes. 

According to the Brhat Trayi and Laghutrayi Ayurvedic texts, the Abhyangam massage is a part of daily practices that we must follow to maintain a healthy life.

Abhyangam massage therapy prelude to Panchakarma therapy, which is the five-step, method of purgation and elimination that intensively detoxifies the body. The massage enhances blood circulation, hence giving your back relief from the pain.

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Sneha Basti treatment in Ayurveda makes use of medicated oil for enema. This treatment is predominantly used to treat pain in the lower back, gout, and rheumatism.

Sneha Vasti is one of the body detoxification treatments under Panchkarma. This procedure is a combination of oiling and massage. The medicated oil massage detoxifies the lower part of the body. 

It helps in removing all the toxins in the body. Basti implies enema which is administered through anal with the necessary medication. 

Some useful benefits of Sneha Basti are:

  • It helps balance Vata dosha
  • It reduces lower backache
  • Sneha Basti causes de-toxification and flushes all the toxins in the lower part of the body.
  • Gastric problems like constipation and flatulence can also be treated effectively through Sneha Basti 
  • This treatment is also good for treating neurological ailments like paralysis.


Kizhi is another effective ayurvedic treatment which predominantly helps in treating the pain in the lower back. 

In this procedure, small sachets are prepared by making use of herbs, rice, and powders that are hand-tied in a muslin cloth. 

The above-mentioned ingredients are then heated and pounded lightly over the specific parts of the body. Kizhi provides relief from the Vata which is triggered and other Vata Kapha conditions. 

As a result, the heat which is generated effectively helps to deal with Vata and thus relieves the pain in the lower back.

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