Top 5 effective Ayurvedic Treatments for Managing Arthritis

Top 5 effective Ayurvedic Treatments for Managing Arthritis

Ayurvedic Treatments for Managing Arthritis

Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis

The literary meaning of the term Ayurveda is the science of life where Ayur stands for life and Veda stands for science. 

The reason for many choosing Ayurvedic treatment for managing many health woes is that it focuses on the root cause rather than focusing on curing the symptoms which are the result of any disease.

Whether it is the common cold or a throbbing Arthritis pain, one can expect effective relief through ayurvedic remedies.

A majority of the population in India is suffering from chronic arthritis. Despite rigorous use of allopathic medicines and treatments, people experience no relief from arthritis Hence many of them end up reaching out to the last and most effective resort, which is a natural treatment for arthritis.

Ayurvedic treatments for managing arthritis are more reliable, effective and safe when compared to allopathy. 

The purpose of Ayurvedic treatments for curing the chronic, recurring inflammation in the joints, is on balancing the Vata dosha which is responsible for the pain. 

Arthritis -Understanding From the Perspective of Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, joint pain which is the consequence of arthritis occurs due to the imbalance in the Dosha in the body which is known as Vata

This is the functional energy, responsible for movement, which corresponds to the space between the joints. An imbalance in the Vata is known as Vyanavata

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This causes circulation problems. Subsequently, the body tissues do not get proper nourishment. Hence this leads to wear and tear in the joints causing severe pain. 

Another form of energy is the Shleshaka Kapha. It is resolved for keeping the joints lubricated allowing for smooth movement.

Imbalance in the Doshas weakens the digestive fire. This in turn causes the accumulation of toxins in the body. These toxins are then carried to the joints by Vata dosha which causes joint pain. 

The presence of toxins, dries up the Shleshaka Kapha, affecting the lubrication in the joints.

In Ayurveda, the foremost step in treating any disease is to manage the dosha. Removal of toxins is the most essential part of the treatment. For doing so many ayurvedic therapies given to the patients.  

Substantial changes in diet and lifestyle, and using Ayurvedic herbal medications also help in dealing with joint pain due to arthritis.


There are several treatments in Ayurveda which can help manage arthritis. Of the many treatments and remedies, we will be discussing the five most effective Ayurvedic Treatments for managing Arthritis.

Let’s get started!


Regular massage has proven to be very beneficial for severe joint pain in arthritis. Massaging the joints with herbal oil and herbs containing ginger, almond, sesame, lavender, and basil helps provide relief to a great extent. 

It is an ayurvedic treatment that gives relief from short-long term joint pain. It helps in relaxing the joints and improves sleep. Massage exerts a warm moderate pressure on the joints, hence reducing inflammation.

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Hot-Cold Method

One of the most common methods known as the hot-cold method is an effective ayurvedic treatment for arthritis. It relaxes the joints and is one of the most economical ayurvedic arthritis treatments. 

In this treatment, heat is given to the affected parts with the help of a warm bath, and a hot towel, which can help improve blood circulation and flexibility. It also helps in easing the movement of the joints.

The application of something cold to the affected area reduces the pain by numbing the nerve ends. This is one of the natural and effective ways of arthritis treatments for relief from joint pain.

Herbal Remedies

We all have these common household ingredients such as turmeric, and chilli peppers in our homes that are perceived as good ayurvedic remedies for arthritis. Natural products and herbs have good healing properties that cure arthritis effectively. 

Turmeric has a component, called curcumin that blocks the main cause of inflammation. It also acts as a pain reliever by reducing the pain in the body and also prevents cartilage damage. 

Other natural ingredients like chilli peppers have an effective chemical called capsaicin which has a component called substance P. 

Substance P

It is a neuropeptide linked with inflammation. It naturally treats arthritis by relieving the pain caused by arthritis.


Since ancient times, yoga has been considered as a way of healthy living. Yoga helps in balancing the Vata dosha that causes pain in the joints. Yoga is a very effective natural solution for managing arthritis. 

It also helps in relieving stress and anxiety that act as barriers to balancing the Vata. Some breathing exercises and meditation can calm our minds and minimise the pain hence improving joint mobility. 

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Important Yoga Asanas


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